FIXM SESAR EFPL Extension Beta Version

The SESAR EFPL Extension is a research extension that was delivered to the FIXM CCB, and it is made publicly available so that its content can support discussions related to FF-ICE/1 implementation, in accordance with the rules for governing the FIXM content described in the FIXM CCB Charter v1.0.

Important notice: The SESAR EFPL Extension is a research extension which shall not be used for any operational purposes. The extension is released as a BETA version only: its content is expected to be reasonably stable but the extension is still likely to contain technical bugs.


The zip archive contains the following artifacts:
  • Main components (Copyright © 2016, SESAR Joint Undertaking)
    • A Logical Model providing a UML representation of the additional elements required by the EFPL.
    • XML schemas derived from the Logical Model of the extension.
  • Supporting components
    • XML schemas further describing the actual payload of the services that exchanged EFPL information (Copyright © 2016, EUROCONTROL).
    • XML samples serving as concrete examples of EFPL generated by an Airspace User Courtesy of Lufthansa Systems (Copyright (c) 2016, Lufthansa Systems).
    • The extension is also supported by a short Primer document.
All artifacts are released under BSD license.

OR browse the individual components of the release below.

+ Primer

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