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The Flight Information Exchange Model (FIXM) is a data interchange format for sharing information about flights throughout their lifecycle. FIXM increases interoperability among all air traffic stakeholders by mediating interactions between Air Traffic Management systems, airspace users, transportation authorities, security and defense authorities, logistics and transportation providers, and many more.

FIXM as middleware

FIXM provides data-level interoperabiltiy among domains

FIXM provides common situational awareness, facilitates incident management, and enables the use of transportation and security data in new ways previously unavailable. FIXM simplifies the global exchange of data by providing a framework developed on international standards.

FIXM has a strong harmonization role. It provides a standardized way of communicating transportation and security data. It incorporates semantic context for the flight data it expresses, which makes it flexible: new data elements can be added to FIXM, and existing data elements can be discovered. FIXM is also modular, allowing a wide variety of system interactions while maintaining efficiency.

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Introducing FIXM Core v3.0

FIXM v3.0 is now available in the FIXM Core Release section of this website. It contains multiple updated data elements from previous FIXM versions, and new Data Elements in the following new areas:

  • 4D Trajectory – Airborne Segment, Ranked 4D Trajectory, and Agreed 4D Trajectory
  • Flight Operation Indicators (e.g. Scheduled, Suspended, Missed Approach)
  • Enhanced CDM data (added Surface Ops)
  • Enhanced Boundary Crossing data (added Boundary Crossing - Assigned Speed – Proposed, Boundary Crossing Level – Cleared Block – Proposed)
  • Enhanced Route data (added Negotiating Route, Ranked 4D Route)

FIXM v3.0 Core was developed through a rigorous international collaboration process.

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Introducing FIXM US Extensions v3.0

The FIXM US Extension v3.0 is now available in the FIXM US Extensions Release section of this website. It contains multiple new data elements, and several updated data elements from previous FIXM US Extension versions. FIXM US Extension v3.0 now supports many additional data exchanges currently used in the US. It was developed through a rigorous domestic and international collaboration process.

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Introducing EUROCONTROL A-CDM Extension

The EUROCONTROL Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) FIXM Extension v1.0 is an extension of the FIXM Core v2.0 that covers the A-CDM concepts as stated in the A-CDM Implementation Manual written by EUROCONTROL, ACI and IATA. In addition to that, it also covers the concept of Airport Transit View elaborated within the SESAR programme and which is complementary to A-CDM.

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ATIEC 2014

2014 Air Transportation Information Exchange Conference

August 26th - August 29th
NOAA Science Center and Auditorium
Featuring AIXM, WXXM, and FIXM

NOAA Auditorium and Conference CenterThe United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in partnership with Eurocontrol will host the 2014 Air Transportation Information Exchange Conference (ATIEC) on August 26-29, 2014 at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration Auditorium and Science Center in Silver Spring, MD.

The latest advancements on integration of information relevant for air traffic management in its broadest sense will be demonstrated and discussed. This will be done through presentations and working sessions on relevant information services, the definition of information domains, and the related exchange mechanisms.

Following the tradition of prior conferences, speakers from the international ATM community will be making major announcements regarding new versions and future evolutions of the now well-known exchange models:

  • Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM)
  • Weather Information Exchange Model (WXXM)
  • Flight Information Exchange Model (FIXM

For more information on the ATIEC and to register for the conference, please visit

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